by brian benko

I am very concerned about our country. I am concerned that our nations political idealogy is greatly divided. I am so concerned that we still have millions of people that romanticize the idea of going to war and flexing our military muscle around the globe.

I am concerned that the American dream has become a folk tale told by previous generations.

I am concerned that our country thinks that we should allow healthcare companies to profit from what should be a not for profit business.

I am concerned that our education system is broken. I am concerned that it is broken beyond repair from kindergarten to college. I am concerned that a quality higher education will be reserved for the upper class and elite few that can afford to spend over $240,000 to obtain a bachelors degree.

I am concerned that the automotive industry is greatly influenced by the oil industry.  I am concerned that politicians around the world are greatly influenced and controlled by the oil industry.

At the same time I have never felt more hopeful than I have over the past few years.  Readily available  Internet access, wifi, 3g, 4g, Social Media, CNN, Wikipedia, Satellite up-links, word press, SmartPhones, iPhones, Android phones, text messaging, twitter, google, youtube, and the telephone have given each person a voice that can be heard around the world.  The truth has never been so readily available.  Lies and deceit have never been uncovered and exposed so quickly.  The power that has been given to communities and countries has never been so strong.  Companies and governments are being forced to change and make better decisions.

Don't just standby silently and wait for change to happen.  Get yourself an outlet.  Make yourself heard. Help others fight for their cause.  Get involved damn it !


2 Responses to Just Sayin

  1. Goody says:

    As a patriotic American...the current state of our country, society and more importantly, our economy is a result of our elected officials having lost their way. They are elected to represent the folks living within their respective districts and seem to have forgotten that simple fact. It is apparant that they dwell on their personal agenda...exclusive to serving their own interests and career security...both sides are equally guilty. Having watched the republican primary race and some of the revealing things that get said, I think Santorum inadvertanlty admitted as much when he made the statement that "politics is a team sport" sad but true. One can witness daily evidence of this by the non-stop partisanship displayed by members of both parties. It is clearly not about doing what is right for America, it is about winning.
    Both Houses of Congress are helpless in addressing the real and pressing issues this country faces. They seemingly cannot agree on what day it is let alone important policy. This country is racing towards a massive financial crisis the likes of which we have only witnessed through the financial failures of third world countries. This is about the ability of a country's leaders to identify and address substantial risk in a country and it's fiscal aptitude. How difficult is it to identify and address risk? This is what business leaders focus on every day. Of course that question assumes two things...that the risk indeed does exist and that the leaders are more concerned about a solution than they are about their own job security. How many times have we heard about the U.S. Social Security program being referred to as the "third rail" to a political career? What??? If it is a threat to our financial survival...why should our politicians be afraid to address it...seems to me that they would be hailed a hero if they went to work on fixing it and thereby securing their political future. So, in not addressing the problems...are citizens to interpret that their inaction the same as there not being a solution or fix to the problem?
    Short (over simplified) government lesson...The House of Representatives proposes and drafts laws with confirmation from the Senate required and then on to the President to be signed into law. Here is what I think can be done to get our government functioning again...
    1). Term limits on Both Houses of Congress (they imposed term limits on the office of the President, why not themselves)
    2). Establish a Third Party- "Independent"
    3). "Line Item Veto" Power for the President
    4). Congressional Members subject to all laws they impose on the public
    5). Discontinue lifetime retirement and healthcare benefits to Members
    6). Discontinue tax-payer matching campaign funding
    7). Complete overhaul of the tax code...flat tax for everyone and business' in the form of national sales tax or federal income tax
    8). Complete overhaul of S.S. retirement system...adopt 401k type with federal matching
    9). Complete disolution of several Federal Agencies (Energy, IRS, and others saving more than $300 billion over ten years)
    10). Effective enforcement of immigration laws
    11). End benefits (education, medical and housing) to illegal aliens living in U.S. (most countries jail illegal immigrants, not reward them with living benefits)
    12). Mandate a "Balanced Budget" by Constitutional Ammendment
    13). Recognize the "off balance sheet" liabilities of S.S., Medicare and Medicaid programs.
    14). Develop bonus program for departments and agency heads for reducing their budgets and penalize those who don't.
    15). Require two years of Military Service for all person reaching majority exceptions or deferments.
    16). Establish college tuition subsidy program for qualified candidates after meeting their service requirement
    17). Mandatory drug testing on welfare recipients

    I could go on but my only point is to demonstrate that if just a regular guy can think of this many things wrong with our system in this short period of time...think what can be accomplished if someone really put some effort into it...without regard to their own political future...I guess what I resent most about our legislators is that they think they know what's best for us and don't listen to what we really want...they are too busy playing "team sports".

  2. russ says:

    Goody, So perfectly said. Don't change a think. This is what we Americans WANT and NEED. Stop this bullshit entitlements and get to work making America stronger not bending over for every minority idea about taking care of someone else. Stop giving things away and people would work, stop sending money to other countries. If we send support to another country let it be with American products not with our dollars

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