Tasmania reacts to free trade agreement Read more

The latest agreeme더킹카지노nt covers tariffs on goods exported to Indonesia and Brunei, and the two countries are looking at t바카라사이트he possibility of a future free trade agreement for Malaysia and Singapore.

A Malaysian-led group was also working on an agreement covering Singapore on Friday.

Niger바카라ia, the second-largest emirate, is also looking at more free trade deals, the Asian Development Bank report found.

"We're certainly confident that with some more bilateral talks between Indonesia and Nigeria, we may get an opportunity to get some agreements in place for Malaysia and Singapore," Asefa Kamilah, Malaysia's ambassador to Jakarta, told reporters.

There has long been resentment between Indonesia and Malaysia that Singapore is close to China.

But after a diplomatic dispute over fishing rights in the South China Sea, Singapore and Indonesia have been in talks on a potential free trade agreement since August 2011.

Last year, Indonesia signed a deal with Malaysia to develop port facilities to handle Indonesian fishing boats.

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