Sydney teenager to remain in custody over terror charges

The father of a 16-year-old s바카라사이트tudent who killed two men inside a bar in south-east Sydney said police had acted appropriately following their refusal to investigate him about his alleged online support of Islamic State.

The teen, whose name has not been released, reportedly said he wanted to be known as Abu al-Fetori, which translates as "the defender of Allah" in Arabic, according to his father, Syed Shahid Khan.

"It's not normal in the Islamic world to be a fan of Islam," he said.

"I have to admit it's odd but you don't see many in the public domain [like this]. You don't know how many young people, a lot more than I thought, are fanatics."

The teen, who the mother has asked not to be named for security reasons, allegedly asked friends if they were Islamic State followers in August last year and the alleged comments escalated.

On Facebook the teen allegjarvees.comedly told friends he was planning to use an online group to help "fight infidels" as part of the group.

media_camera The 16-year-old had made several postings on his phone that mentioned fighting infidels. Picture: Facebook

One posting on Sunday said it was a "plan to fight infidels" and was "the right and duty of Muslims to fight anyone".

A picture posted to a Facebook group named "Abu-Fetori NSW" later described the plan as "going back to jihad."

This information led to police questioning Khan's son in August last year about the case, Khan said.

Khan believes there were other youths from Sydney who were involved in the radicalisation of his son but he was too shy to discuss it publicly.

media_camera Two men were killed while attending a bar near King George Street and Mudgee St in south-east Sydney on Monday night. Picture: Nine News

"It's only when police come after him. You feel for the kid," Khan said. "But it's only because of the media attention that I am so angry, the way they have treated him because of the news he has been putting out on social media. They've got a lot of questions on their hands and they are going to keep asking him every day."

He is concerned that the teenage boy's parents are being targeted because of their close associations wi우리카지노th the media and politicians.

"I have t

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