Protest wont stop high school fence plan in Maryland

WILMINGTON, D.C. — A Maryland school district will build a fence that will keep a high school in a neighborhood from being overrun by immigrants.

A council committee voted Wednesday to fund the fence, which will be put up on land that the board of education has acquired. It is a portion of a plan the school district is about to start building with developers to create housing units with community gardens for people who live near a planned school on the island of St. Mary's Island.


Last year, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Maryland's ban on school-sponsored immigration — meaning anyone living in the country without permission has to leave.

The island is about two-hundred and fifty acres and will have 200 to 300 affordable units for people with disabilities and seniornatyasastra.coms. It woul우리카지노d be on the first part of a larger neighborhood-growth project that will come together with development of the planned new school.

"We have the authority to protect our children," said councilmember David Grosso, the vice chair and the only one who voted against the plan.

"My main concern is whether and when this community will actually move forward."

Crowds gathered for the meeting of the county's Economic Development Committee Tuesday night to protest the plan. The plan would increase the size of the community and make it easier to get around town to buy property in nearby Baltimore County, one of the state's largest housing ma더킹카지노rkets.

"I'm concerned because we just voted for something that could be in the future — that can ruin neighborhoods, can turn people against one another," said Kevin Hall-Geddes, a member of the group American Citizens For Immigrant Rights.

She said they don't know if the district intends to enforce the plan if it passes.

Grosso said the plan for the county's future is an example of good ideas that get through a city council that is too afraid to address the serious problem of crime.

There are about 13,000 people living on St. Mary's Island. At its height, around 10,000 people resided there.

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