Australia japan pledge more cooperation at talks with japanese navy on piracy threats, Japan says

NEW YORK: A Chinese delegation led by the Deputy Prime Minister Li Keqiang met the Chinese Foreign Ministry in Beijing on Saturday to discuss various issues related to maritime security.

The meeting, which took place as China has been sending ships and aircraft and aircraft carriers along its maritime border, was held in a "very high security environment" according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is the second time that the meeting between Li and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi took place following discussions held over the past six months, the Ministry said.

The Chinese delegation included Vice Foreign Minister Liu Jieyi and Chief of the China Foreign Ministry's Pacific Fleet's Office Cheng Guojun.

According to the ministry, the two sides also discussed "issues of security and counter-terrorism."

The PLA is the most powerful military organization in Asia, having become the official "China" military force of the People's Liberation Army when China was founded more than six centuries ago.

China maintains close ties with all the five former colonial powers, all of whom are represented in the Chinese delegation.

China's government has since the 1990s taken steps to develop close links with the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and others.

Earlier this month, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang said a visit by the president of the Philippines, Benigno Aquino III, and his Chinese counterpart, Liu Jieyi, was part of a new, "strategic and regional strategic convergence" in the region.

"We must not forget that the countries of the East Asia region are in the crosshairs of the aggressor nation Japan and our own country's actions in the East," Lu told an event in Manila.

China and Japan are each members o바카라사이트f the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the biggest member of the Association of Pacific nations that comprises Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, the Republic of Korea, Brunei, Malaysia, New Zealand and Taiwan.

The current regional tension stems from the establishment of a security forum that Japan established last May for the East Asia Summit, the largest of its ki바카라사이트nd ever convened in the Asia-Pacific region.

Japan and South Korea have since called for the creation of a group of five members to the forum to co-ordinate their counter-terjarvees.comrorism efforts.

However, China does not include Taiwan as a member of the ASEAN summit. Beijing believes that the Taiwanese hav

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