Pobjie there's more to easter than bunnies and bitchin' apple pie (which we were told was quite good) but she's only on a short honeymoon (because it's the start of August) so we think the whole week is just about perfect (no more "this is going to feel better next week w우리카지노hen we get a week to eat" food) for someone who is planning out her own vacation and preparing herself to make it work.

So if you're up for anything that's good and delicious, don't let anyone intimidate you into staying in a hotel overnight.


After seeing what they had to offer for breakfast, we booked our flight for the following week for a $500/night rate (although there were no extras). The price is based on a minimum of two nights. If you have an entire weekend of awesome in front of you, we recommend making the deal to stay on a weeknight.

Here's what we ate the week prior:

Waffles in the morning

Oatmeal with apple pie filling for lunch

Apple Cinnamon Apple Pie for dinner

Tortilla Soup with orange sherbet, pecan, and bananas (sunday only)

Pizza (weekdays, $9)

Breakfast burritos with avocado and eggnog (weekdays, $9)

Oatmeal (weekdays, $5)

Meal #2 - Tuesday:

We started our week by havin우리카지노g our lunch at 7am. We'd heard about this location, so we figured that would be a good start and decided to go first. It's pretty close (it's about an hour away, and you can call ahead to get pick up if you want.) We ended up meeting up and decided that we should go on Tuesday, because we wanted to save enough time for all three of us for brunch. The location is quite near the train station, and it's not far from a train station. We figured we could walk up to this restaurant before the train, but it wouldn't look out of place next to our hotel so we ended up parking near the restaurant.

This was our first visit to one of the restaurants that serves food that was made with care at every step of the process. Every piece of food was taken care of to the highest standard and everything we ordered was pre더킹카지노pared and consumed within the time that it took them to set the table and bring the food to our table. The menu is detailed (but that didn't really bother us

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